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Review of General ASG12A in Bangladesh.

| AC Mart & Online, AC Price, Air Conditioner, Android Mobile Bangladesh, Camera Price, Camera Price BD Dhaka, Magazine | March 24, 2016

Review of General ASG12A in Bangladesh.

General ASG12A are manufacturers of air conditioners Premium range. I recently bought one after hearing so many of mouth advertising of many friends and relatives. Those who have suggested the use of almost all versions thereof. And here I am reviewing, in General ASG12A, all versions of this window air conditioner. That’s why I’m not specifying a particular model no. here.

Review General ASG12A in Bangladesh

                                                                    General ASG12A

General ASG12A Window Air Conditioner Review

Before beginning the written exam, I would like to tell you some things like how to calculate tonnage requirement for an air conditioner. All you need to know how big is your room?

So, just he learned his floor area of ​​the room, as (10 ft x 10 ft = 100 m2)

It is divided by 600. Therefore, this gives you the basic ability of the alternating current. And we must add 0.5 tonnes per 5 people.

Therefore, it is as 100 divided by 600 = 0.167. Add 0.5 tons for 4-5 people in that room that looks like (0.167 + 0.5) = 0.667.

Therefore, 10 x 10 feet footwell, usually an air conditioner of 0.8 tons is sufficient.

In the same way you can calculate the tonnage that require air conditioning for rooms of any size.

It is worth mentioning, always go for a rotary compressor, your electricity bill would be 15-20% lower and the noise would be low and the cooling efficiency would be much better.

Now, speaking of review:

AC cooling efficiency General ASG12A

The cooling of this air conditioner is very effective. the room very well and quickly cooled. Since I’m writing this review in winter, so it does not mean that this would be biased. My friends had General ASG12A CA and years and operate without any problem. I had tried this issuer in the summers and I must say, 6 BC (in my friend home) was really effective and at night, when until I began to feel colder, which is then the temperature adjusted to a temperature higher and more real quiet night. So, back to my new AC, I met him and tried to run below 18 ° C and was able to. I was surprised, simply because most other brands of CA tend not run below 18 degrees C. Therefore, under refrigeration, this CA impressed me very well.

AC quality construction General ASG12A

I liked the build quality and finish of this product. Every corner of this product has been manufactured correctly and finish quality is very high. Since, General ASG12A AC in the range of quality and its cost is high, almost more than any other AC available in India, so we really expect its build quality for raw too. Therefore, in this case I am quite impressed with it.

The appearances of CA General ASG12A

I will not say that appearances of this AC is good or bad. Since its appearance varies depending on the version of tonnage. I liked the look of 0.8 tons and 1 ton AC version of personally window, but is 1.5 tons of CA is fairly basic and you will not find this version much more attractive in terms of appearance only. But, according to your whole mouth advertising I’ve heard, it is the most popular of CA in its category. But I wonder why General ASG12A not work on improving their looks a little better. While buying this, Hitachi also saw CA and frankly, I was quite impressed by their appearance. Even at one point, he had a mind to buy one, but as we had an agreement with the dealer showroom and all the appreciation I have received from General ASG12A AC, so I went ahead buying this alone. But for looks, things can improve over time.

General ASG12A consumption AC power window

When it comes to cases of energy consumption, Yes, they are very energy efficient. But what I feel personally, when a person can buy this quality CA no matter how much energy. It’s like buying Honda City instead of Maruti Suzuki Alto, however, both have high fuel efficiency and in the same way, this CA has high efficiency in saving energy or, in other words, cooling is so powerful 2 hours instead of keeping it at night set by – a daily timer 1 is placed. I am sure, not everyone likes to sleep all night in AC. Their reality is not good for health maintenance that running all night.

AC Technical Assistance Service General ASG12A Window

Speaking of after-sales service, AC General ASG12A recommend buying only its authorized distributors. The reason is that I’ve heard mixed reviews not so good after-sales service for the company. still do not give me any calls from the company General ASG12A be other companies do not ask if the air conditioning has been installed correctly or not. And at least with option to purchase from an authorized dealer will help you keep pressing if in any case AC requires some maintenance or repair.

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LG Ac price in bangladesh

| AC Mart & Online, AC Price, Air Conditioner, Android Mobile Bangladesh, Camera Price, Camera Price BD Dhaka, Magazine | March 16, 2016

LG Bangladesh, the largest manufacturer of air conditioners, has recently launched a new range of air conditioners with new features like Himalayan monsoon cooling comfort and a unique technology called Mosquito far Technology that keeps away mosquitoes effective user.

This season, LG strive to provide new opportunities for air conditioners to more valuable features, which ultimately increase the overall value for money product offering.

Today, mosquitoes are a serious threat to the health of the family and conventional mosquitoes are not very effective for keep mosquitoes road users and sometimes even harmful to users, with different side effects. and here LG has promised a very effective way to stay comfortable in the summer by a superior cooling air conditioner shape and help to give way to keep mosquitoes, better protection.

This technology was developed after extensive research that different optimal ultrasound identified mosquitoes are not able to understand. This sound wave having a frequency which is not detestably transmitted by the human ear, but mosquitoes stations. And since there are no chemicals that, in this method, so that it is free of the odor as well.

How the technology works off Mosquito :

Turn the power on and turn Mosquito function with dedicated button on the remote. Far from mosquitoes function can work when the power is turned on, even if the air conditioning is not working.

• ultrasonic sound waves are emitted at a frequency which affects the mosquito. Mosquito technology Away mosquito reduces the ability to detect carbon dioxide (CO2), and so on can also detect human presence.
• This process results in mosquitoes get inactive and then disappear or say, just fended started.


Far Mosquito benefit function Diseases

• Completely safe for people and bad for mosquitoes beings, and thus re-transmitted by mosquitoes better protection.
• Totally free of chemicals and thus free of odors.
• The ultrasonic sound waves are safe for humans.
• Since no liquid repellent used in this technology, so frequent charging no fee.
Technology mosquitoes away is certified by accredited testing laboratories and product certification worldwide as llBAT, lntertek and TUV NORD.

Himalaya Cool Technology

Himalayan cooling technology has been developed, taking into account a point to provide cooling consumers as quickly as possible because they are activated in an air conditioner. In a similar manner button mosquitoes at a distance, there is a special cooling Himalaya button. Himalayan cool technology provides direct cooling of the user, with emphasis on cooling the living space by the air flow intelligently and 2 times faster swing vertical air.

How cool Himalayas Technology Works

This technology works by creating a virtual shield air and distributing the cooled air more quickly vertical oscillations.

Air Shield Notes

The air conditioner provides fresh air to the living room by creating a virtual shield of air and the separation of the ceiling and living space. Therefore, the hot air trapped in the ceiling to enter the living space, making efficient cooling.

Faster Notes heave

Air conditioners with Himalayan houses interesting feature powerful and fan speed at a rate of just 2 times faster, making the distribution of fresh air in a faster way to provide instant cooling and maximum comfort for the user. In short, the flow of cold air from the room at high speeds and cooling faster.

Benefits of Himalayan Fresh Technology

• Living room gets 28% faster cooling (compared to other air conditioners Inverter not conventional)

• It saves money on electricity bills by saving up to 26% of electricity consumption. Therefore, greater energy savings.
• My space cooling – cooling the living space quickly for maximum comfort.

Monsoon Comfort Technology

During the rainy season, if not with an air conditioner with the dehumidification mode, runs that will make the room
unpleasantly cold and also consume more power. Here, LG air conditioners have an advantage by providing comfort cooling and energy efficiency, increased use of technology monsoon comfort. This technology helps the appropriate level of temperature and humidity level to provide maximum comfort. A special too much for this function on the remote.

When this function is activated via the remote control, temperature control system at level 7 air conditioner automatically adjusts the temperature in the living room. And controls the temperature in accordance with the ambient temperature, there is no possibility that the temperature is too low. And also, this also helps to save energy up to 36%.

How the technology works monsoon Comfort

Through the use of temperature control matrix incorporated divided, the air conditioner automatically to the room temperature and optimally to adjust the indoor temperature to accordingly while reducing energy consumption. During the monsoon, because the room temperature varies 29-32 ° Celsius, the Monsoon Comfort technology provides a comfortable indoor environment and eliminates the need for manual adjustment.

Compare Monzón benefits and comfort technology with LG air conditioner conventional Humidity

► monsoon Comfort Technology in LG air conditioners

• automatically detect to adjust the ambient temperature, and accordingly to the internal temperature.
• balances the level of the temperature and humidity within automatic optimum comfort and cooling.
• The temperature setting is done automatically, without any human intervention.
• Save up to 36% of energy by reducing the load on the compressor.

► Fashion moisture conventional air conditioners

• after activation, the inside temperature at 25 ° C is corrected automatically, irrespective of the ambient temperature.
• Internal temperature is too low.
• there need for constant manual adjustment of temperature for optimum cooling is maintained.
• consumes more power as a result of manual adjustment constant temperature.

All three of the above properties are available only in the L-series terminator air conditioners LG split time, which also include 4D-cooling function. The air conditioner of this series are available in 2, 3, 5 stars from 1 ton to 1.5 tons and 2, 3-star 2-ton model. And remember, these air conditioners are current 2014 standards as well.

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