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Most Afforadable Samsung LED TV in Bangladesh!!!!

| Camera Price, Camera Price BD Dhaka, Magazine, Television Price Bangladesh, Television Reviews, TV Price BD | March 31, 2016

Most Afforadable Samsung LED TV in Bangladesh!!!!

This more affordable 4K “UHD” LED backlit Samsung J4005 offer has an excellent image features at a reasonable price. We explain what a SUHD UHD TV. For practical purposes the main difference is in the presentation of the image. The Samsung J4005 has more vivid colors, the transmission of light and perhaps a little more artifacts and problems of uniformity and less contrast than the size of Samsung J4005 UHD TVs. It is a similar type of image, except lateral view angle is much better due to IPS panel, while screen uniformity and blacks are not as strong.


Most Afforadable Samsung LED TV in Bangladesh!!!!

 Samsung LED TV


security scale conversion 4K and HD signals

lateral angle color vision good saturation (compared to another

The game does a great job of cutting the late entry

color brightness and color gamut

Powerful LED backlight

Very good TV for bright rooms


Plus Automotive actually causes the removal of excess blur background
natural (but at least you can turn off)

weak black levels

contrast levels

see prominent black during the foggy night


Appearance / Design

The selection of applications Smart Hub

Evaluation of Image Quality: 90/100

lighting / contrast / black LED strong levels

Samsung J4005 still has the bright LED taillights on the market. Powerful LED really give the Samsung J4005 A step forward in terms of the flow of light through the display one. On the screen images come through lighting with sharp burst in reviewing various sources, stories like The Fifth Element A Blu Ray through and by issuing an open championship HD. The colors are natural and vibrant After calibration, even with lower contrast. While this model is not comparable with the level lighting options full matrix Superior Samsung J4005 or Sony, which is all that is required. Contrast levels and blacks are weaker in the Samsung J4005 due to the use of IPS panel of the UN in this model. It is compensation for display both enhanced color saturation angle side. Read more about this and color by the Section of nanocrystals. If you are a movie buff and see habitaciones Mainly in the dark, this TV is probably not for you. Sony XBR vs recommend the Samsung J4005 X850C JU7100 Place. However, daytime vision for sports, this model will suit you well.

Upscaled HD and UHD Conversion

“4K signal scaling low resolution is what really counts and is Samsung J4005  ”
Have you ever wondered if the picture quality is better on a TV 4K UHD with a signal standard definition or high definition pumped into it? The answer is yes only if your TV has a stellar technology scaling and embedded conversion. The Samsung J4005 does an excellent job with 1080p signals and a very good job with 720p signals and low-end as 480p. I would put Samsung J4005 second only behind Sony in expanding the scale, but also depends on what TV model. This is one of the differences with respect to televisions rank much higher.

What does belong to Samsung J4005 ?

2015 and 2016 Samsung J4005 has a new name for their 4K TVs. Why be normal when you can spice things up a bit? It SUHD! And the “S” stands for Super. Okay, here are the details on what makes a SUHD. First, there is a new color system used is called DCI P3 having a wider range of colors or spectrum or pallet range – call it what you want, it is a wider range of colors – crayons in the box. That color is dispersed and is enhanced by Nano Crystal Technology is a technology that competes with Quantum Dot technology used by some of the other OEMs.
The combination of the two makes improve color. It comes through more refined, cleaner and more defined than previous 4K TVs. For me, it is a 10% improvement in color representation. In the Samsung J4005 however, the colors are slightly affected by low contrast from the IPS panel. So it is a change. Then the SUHD alignment has a backlight clearer that it is capable of reaching 1000 nits at peak brightness and produce deeper blacks (hopefully) too, although this is more difficult to discern. In Samsung J4005 LEDs that are part of the reason this is an excellent daytime television. Finally, all televisions in the lineup SUHD ownership Samsung J4005 has developed the Samsung J4005 Tizen operating system for Smart TV however, that is not part of what differentiates a SUHD. SUHD has to do with these improved characteristics of the image quality, especially the widest range of colors.

Color Performance

The Crystal nanotechnology is in the heart of the improvements in SUHD color. All models of Samsung J4005 SUHD 2015 and 2016 enjoy this new technology. This version of the Samsung J4005 Quantum Dot technology. nano crystal layer (called QDEF layer) is a stack of ultrathin film located between the LED LCD screens Plexi glass protective front layer (liquid crystal display) or and or. The benefits of technology are a wider range of colors (more colors) produced by a better payout through the film nanocrystal diffuser. Think Nano Crystal layer as a color converter LCD that helps in creating more colors. Nano Crystal and technology quantum dots are considered technologies OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) that carry their own color of the panel surface of competition.

We were impressed with the range of colors and brightness provided by the layer of Nano-Crystal. Finally, it works, I have seen side by side demonstrations. It produces a representation of the vacuum cleaner, clearer and defined mainly in green and yellow. But the most remarkable feature for me is that these colors are brighter panel. With a 4K UHD signal I would say the color production is 5% to 10% wider. Samsung J4005 , of course, places the top figure in 20% to 30%.

Features Rating: 85/100

Features Smart TV

The familiar Smart Hub Samsung J4005 makes a series of return Samsung J4005 . The Samsung J4005 not receive the new Smart Hub Tizen operating system of the best models Samsung J4005 JS, but get a suite Smart Hub same as last year with the same basic design. The charging system is somewhat slow compared to the Android system models Sharp and Sony, but the Apps selection is good. Samsung J4005 hit the target with its user interface and intuitive navigation. It is easy to understand and navigate. The Smart Hub allows different users to have their own applications and programming appear. This is a good addition to a home TV with multiple users. HBO Go is a highlight in the choice of applications. The Smart Hub for the Samsung J4005 includes a full Internet browser.

Auto Motion Plus – Know when to use this feature

The Auto Motion Plus function in Samsung J4005 is something that comes as a blessing and a curse. Default is enabled in all modes predetermined image adjustment. Turn off the power during transmission of content, DVD, Blu-rays, and the distribution of television. It ends with the dreaded ‘Soap Opera’, so images look terribly realistic by removing blur natural background. Shut image in the options menu and everything will be fine again. You will immediately see shimmy if off, but her eyes momentarily adjusted. When viewing 480i weak or other content-based standard definition we saw slight improvements in the environment was low. Just be familiar with how to adjust this and not be a problem. If you are distracted by a false image of rinsing, this is the function to turn off or adjust.

(Note: To access the settings, click Menu, go to the graphics settings, scroll all options as graphs, down to Automotive Plus).

Remote control

The included remote control is a standard remote control instead of intelligent remote control in the other models JS and even Samsung J4005 . Obviously, navigation and control options smart TV is much slower through 5 way.

Sound quality

As you can imagine from such a slim TV (with few speakers built homes), the audio quality is not great. There are some improvements that try to keep speakers hollow clang, but a sound bar may be necessary if you are sensitive to the average TV quality audio.

quick Specs

Backlighting: LED

Resolution: 2160p 4K UHD

intelligent functionality: Smart Hub – Built in Wi-Fi

TV Dimensions w / stand: 53.7 “x 33″ x 12.8 ”

TV only: 53.7 “x 31.1″ x 2.5 ”

Inputs: 4 HDMI, 3 USB ports

No playback 3D

remote standard

natural refresh rate 60 Hz (120 Motion Rate)

HEVC 4K content playback sources like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video (requires Internet high speed of at least 20Mbps)

4K Ready DIRECTV – DIRECTV subscribers with a genius for whole home HD DVR can enjoy 4K and full DVR service features without additional receiver (in preparation)

Overall Rating: 87/100

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Review of Samsung FH4003.

| Camera Price, Camera Price BD Dhaka, DSLR Camera Price, Magazine, Smart Phone Bangladesh, Television Price Bangladesh, Television Reviews, TV Price BD | March 29, 2016

Samsung FH4003

our verdict

There are some small TVs as smart as this, with the intuitive combination of my screen, and leisure and list all capture applications UK television. However, the lack of power makes Idleness is not fun to browse, while the screen only mediocre contrast and some motion blur.


Samsung FH4003

                                                                 Samsung FH4003

Introduction and features

Until late last year moth-balling of technology, The Samsung FH4003 was the king of plasma. Its large screen televisions were better than anyone – see comments only proof that – but sales were presumably poor.

In 2016 he now does not compete with the quality of the image (The Samsung FH4003 average of 32 inches is simply judged by images of the screen), but with applications and ease of use.

The Samsung FH4003 can be a LCD TV with LED background light half of the road, but has something unique: Free time.
A new-in-the-stage match for YouView, Free Time is an independent interface, but well integrated, the user provides a TV guide that can be scanned by both forward and backward, unlocking the low demand for range of Catch up TV applications.

For users in the UK this means easy and quick access to applications such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Demand Five and 4oD (as well as BBC and BBC).

Picture quality:-

Without any 3D attempt, I played a Blu-ray disc 12 years a slave to see how The Samsung FH4003 faced a superior film drainage. Play My initially within the page of the home screen, but pushed to full-screen mode, The Samsung FH4003 offers amazing colors of the box.

Scenes outside the plantation are initially dazzling, richly nuanced colors come with a lot of saturation accompanied by a natural skin tones. There is enough detail for the Full HD panel worthwhile, although the sharpness is not particularly strong point, The Samsung FH4003 .

This is all from within theater setup, which is a good starting point, but need some adjustments, including reducing the power of the backlight. Happily, The Samsung FH4003 is very flexible, offering a color management system and even options to change both gamma and white balance.

However, no amount of fiddling can bring The Samsung FH4003 -up specifications in terms of contrast, which is one of the main problems of this TV. While the exterior shots 12 years a slave Impress, dirtiest scenes inside, like when Solomon is thrown in a cell after being captured, are not convincing and contain few details. While Solomon glows softly in these dark environments, which is hardly visible, and when he is, the image does not look as natural.

The joint use of ambient light sensor tends to make matters worse, attenuating the panel, although they are useful in a bright room during the day, when some luster dims. Caution should be exercised if then you can turn on the main menu.

Although black levels and contrast to be weak, the viewing angle of The Samsung FH4003 is pretty good with the image that is clearly revealed when viewed from the sides. While some LED panels struggle with consistency and have areas with patches of light in the corners and along the sides, which is not true of The Samsung FH4003 .
The ambient light sensor should be used with caution
Another weakness is slight movement. Unfortunately, The Samsung FH4003 not have a panel of 100 Hz IPS natively, but is blessed with only one set of flashing lights 100Hz-like. It is an algorithm, not a feature – and it does not work very well. It really is not a problem with high-definition channels TDT, but for 12 Years a Slave I noticed some loss of resolution, both when the actors moved through a shot and during the movement of the camera, but at least there is little vibration excessive in The Samsung FH4003 in the pans.

While HD DTT channels are the best source of demand there, considering the pros and cons of the screen The Samsung FH4003 , standard definition channels good resolution is increased. Soft they are, but they are very clean and easy to see. The same applies to digital video files of all kinds of quality, which are stable and fluid, although MKV files to HD resolutions obviously look better.


Sale for about £ 400 at the time of writing, The Samsung FH4003 is a mid-range with LED backlight and LCD TV. Although clearly has some build quality low-end (which is so, so light – only 6 kg), is an image; a strip of ordered along the bottom measuring 18 mm metal lends some type to a black shiny appearance of another ordinary frame mode.

In just 5 mm at the top and sides, there is a minimalist look to The Samsung FH4003 . and better, because the Samsung FH4003 is rather chubby chassis depth of 59 mm (measured 733x505x184 mm, with attached desktop stand).

Elsewhere, The Samsung FH4003 offers a full HD resolution IPS panel and 100Hz processing. In the rear is an impressive trio of HDMI inputs (one of them with capacity for ARC), an RGB SCART, a set of composite video inputs and an Ethernet LAN slot (though tThe Samsung FH4003 also has Wi-Fi) .

There is also a copy of an RF antenna input to search channels TDT HD optical digital audio output to route all sound system home theater (and away from their own place of weeds down stereo speakers 10 watts), and a set of left right phones.

A side panel adds immediately next to a slot for headphones (very good distance toward the bottom so it easily accessible), along with a common interface slot and a pair of USB ports. The latest power connections TX-media player SThe Samsung FH4003 , software but also includes media server software to fetch phones digital music and videos from a Windows PC using a DLNA network.
You can surf the web on Samsung FH4003 via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable

More important for most users are my home screen and choosing The Samsung FH4003 applications. The first, for the first time in high-end Panasonic TVs last year, put shortcuts to various functions of television around a big screen TV live. These shortcuts include markers for integrated into The Samsung FH4003 , software applications and links to the TV Media Player web browser.

There is also a display of recreational dedicated complements an image of live TV with shortcuts contained in the application related, a TV guide, a search function and an area showcase recommendations (based on what you see although still I was not living at the time of this review).

Besides having the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Demand Five and applications 4oD wrapped in time, The Samsung FH4003 also has a lot of applications. Accessed through my home screen, the application iPlayer BBC again present, as both the BBC and the BBC.

There are a variety of applications, with Netflix as the star of the series
However, the real star turn is Netflix, which is provided with YouTube, Wuaki.tv, MeteoNews TV, Eurosport Player, CNBC Real-Time, Skype, Euronews, Facebook, Twitter and AccuWeather.com. A dozen more minority applications are available for free download from the Apps Market Panasonic.

also available

The Samsung FH4003 is the smallest member of the AS600 series of LED TVs, the others are 39-inch Samsung FH4003, 42-inch Samsung FH4003 and 50-inch The Samsung FH4003 .

One step below theThe Samsung FH4003 is the brand 32-inch The Samsung FH4003 and 32-inchThe Samsung FH4003 , who have no free time, my home screen or high definition resolution.

However, The Samsung FH4003 What applications including Netflix and the BBC in its VieraCast interface looks quite outdated now.

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Review of General ASG12A in Bangladesh.

| AC Mart & Online, AC Price, Air Conditioner, Android Mobile Bangladesh, Camera Price, Camera Price BD Dhaka, Magazine | March 24, 2016

Review of General ASG12A in Bangladesh.

General ASG12A are manufacturers of air conditioners Premium range. I recently bought one after hearing so many of mouth advertising of many friends and relatives. Those who have suggested the use of almost all versions thereof. And here I am reviewing, in General ASG12A, all versions of this window air conditioner. That’s why I’m not specifying a particular model no. here.

Review General ASG12A in Bangladesh

                                                                    General ASG12A

General ASG12A Window Air Conditioner Review

Before beginning the written exam, I would like to tell you some things like how to calculate tonnage requirement for an air conditioner. All you need to know how big is your room?

So, just he learned his floor area of ​​the room, as (10 ft x 10 ft = 100 m2)

It is divided by 600. Therefore, this gives you the basic ability of the alternating current. And we must add 0.5 tonnes per 5 people.

Therefore, it is as 100 divided by 600 = 0.167. Add 0.5 tons for 4-5 people in that room that looks like (0.167 + 0.5) = 0.667.

Therefore, 10 x 10 feet footwell, usually an air conditioner of 0.8 tons is sufficient.

In the same way you can calculate the tonnage that require air conditioning for rooms of any size.

It is worth mentioning, always go for a rotary compressor, your electricity bill would be 15-20% lower and the noise would be low and the cooling efficiency would be much better.

Now, speaking of review:

AC cooling efficiency General ASG12A

The cooling of this air conditioner is very effective. the room very well and quickly cooled. Since I’m writing this review in winter, so it does not mean that this would be biased. My friends had General ASG12A CA and years and operate without any problem. I had tried this issuer in the summers and I must say, 6 BC (in my friend home) was really effective and at night, when until I began to feel colder, which is then the temperature adjusted to a temperature higher and more real quiet night. So, back to my new AC, I met him and tried to run below 18 ° C and was able to. I was surprised, simply because most other brands of CA tend not run below 18 degrees C. Therefore, under refrigeration, this CA impressed me very well.

AC quality construction General ASG12A

I liked the build quality and finish of this product. Every corner of this product has been manufactured correctly and finish quality is very high. Since, General ASG12A AC in the range of quality and its cost is high, almost more than any other AC available in India, so we really expect its build quality for raw too. Therefore, in this case I am quite impressed with it.

The appearances of CA General ASG12A

I will not say that appearances of this AC is good or bad. Since its appearance varies depending on the version of tonnage. I liked the look of 0.8 tons and 1 ton AC version of personally window, but is 1.5 tons of CA is fairly basic and you will not find this version much more attractive in terms of appearance only. But, according to your whole mouth advertising I’ve heard, it is the most popular of CA in its category. But I wonder why General ASG12A not work on improving their looks a little better. While buying this, Hitachi also saw CA and frankly, I was quite impressed by their appearance. Even at one point, he had a mind to buy one, but as we had an agreement with the dealer showroom and all the appreciation I have received from General ASG12A AC, so I went ahead buying this alone. But for looks, things can improve over time.

General ASG12A consumption AC power window

When it comes to cases of energy consumption, Yes, they are very energy efficient. But what I feel personally, when a person can buy this quality CA no matter how much energy. It’s like buying Honda City instead of Maruti Suzuki Alto, however, both have high fuel efficiency and in the same way, this CA has high efficiency in saving energy or, in other words, cooling is so powerful 2 hours instead of keeping it at night set by – a daily timer 1 is placed. I am sure, not everyone likes to sleep all night in AC. Their reality is not good for health maintenance that running all night.

AC Technical Assistance Service General ASG12A Window

Speaking of after-sales service, AC General ASG12A recommend buying only its authorized distributors. The reason is that I’ve heard mixed reviews not so good after-sales service for the company. still do not give me any calls from the company General ASG12A be other companies do not ask if the air conditioning has been installed correctly or not. And at least with option to purchase from an authorized dealer will help you keep pressing if in any case AC requires some maintenance or repair.

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Singer AC Price in Bangladesh

| AC Mart & Online, AC Price, Air Conditioner, Camera Price, Camera Price BD Dhaka, Magazine | March 21, 2016

Singer AC Price in Bangladesh

Singer Electronics Bangladesh, the most preferred consumer durable brand in the country, and its relly common for people to find the singer Ac rate in Bangladesh or singer Air Conditioner Price in Bnagldesh.

kill meddelat the launch of a new range of air conditioners in Bangladesh which is stylishly decorated and kill an unparalleled package of air-conditioning solution for the summer of 2016 in Dhaka.

Air conditioning is very essential household appliance for the summer land as Bangladesh.In Summer People use two search in Google as “AC Price in Bangladesh” Now it’s too hot a day in the summer so it is very common search engine query as Ac price Bangladesh. But two maintain the efficient service of this device, which needs some maintenance tasks to follow on a regular basis. Det er også revamp two prolong machine life. There are a number of steps viktiga Bevare your air conditioning unit for the best service.

Singer ac price in Bangladesh is dependent on the converter V att new range is equipped with the unique BLDC compressor technology and skew fan design sum view of the world lavest noise level of 19 dB. Singer Bangladesh AC inverter compressor V is faster and more powerful than conventional att ACS in Bangladesh. The speed of the Singer AC compressor continually adapts even temperature in the room, DERMed behålla ønskede temperature levels at all times and its varries Singer ac price in Bangladesh. You can search as Singer Ac price in Bangladesh and Singer Air Conditioner Price in Bnagldesh. Furthermore Singer ACS unique Plasma Ionizer Forester sterilizes the air up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful substances. The omfattende automatic cleaning function prevents the formation of bacteria and mold on the heat exchanger, which has a fresh, pleasant and comfortable environment.

Singer AC Price in Bangladesh

Singer AC Price in Bangladesh

The advanced Singer air conditioner Inverter V technology is very energy-efficient and saves up to 66% energy. With Singer Star rated Split AC gets two consumers save up to 38% on their electricity bill. Singer ac price in Bangladesh is really cheap two singer har også lanceret AC Solution squares, one-stop-shop for all domestic and commercial air-conditioning needs. With a current set-up of 55 such squares, two Singer Plans have to kill 20 more such one-stop shops in India by the end of this year.The new set of Singer air conditioner in Bangladesh 62 new RAC model. this is why you shud look Singer Ac price in Bangladesh and Singer Air Conditioner Price in Bnagldesh The hottest innovation in the lineup is Inverter V technology-which giver powerful cooling with surprisingly low consumption of electricity in Bangladesh. These Singer air conditioners in Bangladesh are equipped with variable speed DC compressor technology and thus its low energy consumption.

När People look at people search engine også Singer Ac Price in Bangladesh or air conditioner Singer Award in Bangladesh.
The new series uses the most advanced air filters, such as the cyclotron plasma sum Removes dust and bacteria with 30% more efficiency. Sikrer pure and clean air without turning on the compressor sum betyder electricity consumption will be very low and you can get pure and clean air around the clock. Singer AC used in Bangladesh a very powerful rotary compressor sum can run even när temperature rises to 54 degrees and not stumble, best suited for the Indian consumer. Multi-flow condenser is made of superior quality aluminum sum Prevents galvanic corrosion reduces CFC refrigerant SUM and CO2 emissions, increases product performance and it is easy to recycle også. The new series is “designed production unit installation friendly.SingerEIL Greater is one of the most eco-friendly units among all Singer factories in the world. The second Greenfield facility is located at Ranjangaon; Pune har capacity two Manufacture GSM phones, color televisions, air conditioners, LCD / LED TVs, washing machines, refrigerators and optical drives.

Singer Bangladesh Air Conditioner, a wholly owned subsidiary of Singer air conditioner, South Korea was etablert in Bangladesh in January 1997. this is why you shud look Singer Ac price in Bangladesh and Singer Air Conditioner Price in Bnagldesh It is one of the most formidable brands in consumer electronics, home appliances, IT hardware and mobile communications space. In Bangladesh, for a decade, Singer har earned a premium brand positioning and is the acknowledged trendsetter for the industry.

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LG Air Conditioner Price in Bnagldesh

| AC Mart & Online, AC Price, Air Conditioner, Camera Price, Camera Price BD Dhaka, DSLR Camera Price, Magazine | March 21, 2016

LG Air Conditioner Price in Bnagldesh

Air conditioner is very essential household device for summer lande like Bangladesh.In Summer People use two search in google as “AC Price in Bangladesh” now a days it too hot in summer so its very common search in search engine as Ac price in Bangladesh.

But two keep up the efficient service from this device, it need some maintenance tasks to follow regular basis. Det er også revamp two prolong the machine life span. There are some viktiga steps bevare your air conditioning device for best service.

LG Electronics Bangladesh, the most preferred consumer durable brand in the country, and its relly common that people looks for the LG Ac price in bangladesh or, LG Air Conditioner Price in Bnagldesh.  kill meddelat the launch of a new range of air conditioners in Bangladesh that’s stylish in design and kill an unrivaled package of air-conditioning solution for the summer of 2016 in Dhaka.

lg ac price in bangladesh depends on The Inverter V att new range is equipped with the unique BLDC compressor technology & skew fan design som given it the world’s lavest noise level of 19db. The LG AC Bangladesh Inverter V compressor is faster and more powerful than att of conventional ACs in Bangladesh. The LG AC compressor’s speed adjusts Constantly to even temperature fluctuation in the room, dermed behålla ønskede temperature levels at all times and its varries the lg ac price in bangladesh. You can search as LG Ac price in bangladesh or, LG Air Conditioner Price in Bnagldesh.

LG Air Conditioner Price in Bnagldesh

LG Air Conditioner Price in Bnagldesh

Further, LG ACs unique Plasma Ionizer Forester sterilizes the air up to 99.9% from bacteria and other harmful Substances. The omfattende auto cleaning function Prevents formation of bacteria and molding on the heat exchanger, Providing a fresh, pleasant and comfortable environment.

The advanced LG Air Conditioner’s Inverter V technology is highly energy efficient and saves up to 66% energy. With LG Star rated Split AC the consumer gets two save as much as 38% on his electricity bill. lg ac price in bangladesh is really cheap two LG har også lanceret the AC Solution Plazas, one-stop shops for all domestic and commercial air-conditioning needs. With a current set-up of 55 Such Plazas, LG Plans two have 20 more Such one-stop shops across India by the end of this year.

The new range of LG airconditioner in Bangladesh kill 62 new RAC model. whis is why you shud search LG Ac price in bangladesh or, LG Air Conditioner Price in Bnagldesh The hottest innovation in the line up is Inverter V technologywhich giver powerful cooling with surprisingly low electricity usage in Bangladesh. These Lg air conditioners in Bangladesh are equipped with variable speed DC compressor technology and Hence are low energy consumption. när People search in search engine people også search LG Ac Price in Bangladesh or LG airconditioner Price In Bangladesh.

Also the new range uses the most advanced air filters like the cyclotron plasma som Removes dust and germs with 30% more efficiency. Sikrer pure and clean air without switching on the compressor som betyder the electricity consumption will be very low and you can get pure and clean air round the clock. LG AC uses in Bangladesh a very powerful rotary compressor som kan run even när temp goes up to 54 degree and does not trip, best suited for the Indian Consumers. Multi-flow condenser is made from superior quality aluminum som Prevents Galvanic corrosion reduces CFC refrigerant AMOUNT & CO2 emissions, raises product performance and it is easy-to-recycle også. The new range is’ designed to be installation friendly.

LG Air Conditioner Bangladesh, a Wholly owned Subsidiary of LG airconditioner, South Korea was etablert in January 1997 in Bangladesh. whis is why you shud search LG Ac price in bangladesh or, LG Air Conditioner Price in Bnagldesh It is one of the most formidable brands in consumer electronics, home appliances, IT hardware and mobile communications space. In Bangladesh for a decade, LG har earned a premium brand positioning and is the Acknowledged trendsetter for the industry.

LGEIL’s manufacturing unit to Greater is one of the most eco-friendly units among all LG manufacturing plants in the world. The second Greenfield facility is located to Ranjangaon; Pune har capacity two Manufacture GSM Phones, Colour Televisions, Air Conditioners, LCD / LED TVs, washing machines, refrigerators and Optical Disc Drives.

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Review of Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA .

| Camera Price, Camera Price BD Dhaka, DSLR Camera Price, Magazine, Smart Phone Bangladesh, Television Price Bangladesh, Television Reviews, TV Price BD | March 19, 2016

Samsung 32 inch Led J4005 001

If there is one thing that the Samsung 40 inch LED UN40J5100AFXZA Black is not is shy.

So as to have the chutzpah to paste a screen of 75 inches in your living room (or, more likely, home theater) room, which has the balls to surround this gigantic screen with quite a few more inches frame speaker support.

Samsung 32 inch Led J4005 001

                            Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA

To be fair, that does none of this unattractive. On the contrary, the magnificent glass finish that is on the screen and the frame looks and feels great bonus – once you have wiped his fingerprints off it – and how six speakers facing the front of the TV seem to be recorded outside the glass is glorious.
Yes, I did say six speakers back there.

For in what is now a trademark of high-end TV Samsung, Samsung LED partners UN40J5100AFXZA their great photos with an equally great sound. Each side of the screen has two main drivers and a tweeter treble, with the main speakers technology magnetic fluid both enjoy Samsung 40-inch LED UN40J5100AFXZA Black ‘s to offer a richer sound, bigger without the kind of physical space normally required for a powerful speaker.

Bulk excuse

Even with the rear magnetic fluid technology Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA protrudes more than most, giving the set a side profile distinctive wedge-shaped.

But personally, I have no problems with this at all if it leads to excellent sound quality. And I’m pretty sure that will result in a brighter sound as the Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA is the first TV is considered good enough to play audio files high resolution.

Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA connections are up to date with reflections four HDMI, Wi-Fi and LAN and USB ports for media playback or recording TV tuners Freeview and Freesat’s network of USB flash drives.

network connections support streaming from networked computers, tablets and smart, with Bluetooth and NFC phones also available for a more direct connection.

I need time to introduce Android TV.

The 75X9405C is the first TV I tried that bears the fruit of the latest attempt by Google to cross into the world of television after a couple of previous attempts failed, as it is seated in the YouViewSamsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA functionality next integrated and discover the system Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA itself.

Or at least it will sit next YouView when the last service later via a firmware update this year is added.

google box

Press the Home key on any remote controls the Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA (you get a ‘OneFlick’ aerodynamic phone with an integrated touch pad with a standard question effort) and take you directly to the new Android screen.

This appears as a series of horizontal shelves, the top recommended content, applications highlighted below links to all entries television below that, and then a shelf applications in general. This holds all applications downloaded to the TV as well as the Google application store where you can hunt and download more applications than the built-in 16 GB storage TV application.

Android fans should be aware that Google TV’s Android store does not have all the applications you can get for their tablets and smartphones. What it is actually a good thing considering how inadequate many apps and games are normal to the use of television.

Google has introduced a filtering system that only allows applications to televisions that meet the criteria necessary control and design.

Do not worry, though; even after this filtering process more applications you get with other platforms Smart TV, and the number will inevitably increase given the amount of application development constantly happening in the Android universe

Less is more?

I did not need to think, however, that there are pros and cons of these unlimited potential applications.

For while a few large applications may also appear, it will also likely be a lot of dross to saturate the place. In addition, the relatively passive and, above all, the communal nature of TV vs smartphones and tablets both seem to sit in opposition to the idea of ​​trawling through hundreds of applications to find the rare gem.

And does anyone really want to do anything on TV that television and movies?
So is there really any need for many applications beyond the portals that offer different types of television content for children like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon and so on?

To be fair the quality of some of the applications that are not streaming – especially games – is impressive.

Light years away from the kind of things that we got when Smart TV first appeared. But I constantly felt like their personal smart devices are a much more natural way to much of what Android TV offers TV at home. Especially because at the moment, at least, the Android interface is compatible with any home screens to customize various manuals or different users.

YouView saves the day

It is also just as well that Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA is bringing YouView to the party because strangely Android TV currently offers no BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD or ask Five catch up TV applications.

I could not try on your TV Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA YouView home yet, but surely to offer the same key features observed with independent Youview devices.

Which means you can access catch up TV services by a number of DTT channels at the same time be able to find shows that can be lost through YouView inspired back EPG ‘which can move back and forth through TV listings.
While Android TV, which extracts holders Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA smart TV, I’m actually more of a fan of the very intelligent interface Discover the Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA .

again accessed via dedicated buttons remote control, the Discover interface comprises a number of superimposed layers appear slowly along the bottom edge of the image (compared to Android approach, which takes its progress through the screen) . Each layer moves downward introduces shortcuts to different types of content, whether digital TV tuners is recommended, YouTube videos, favorite channel custom lists, or fairs television recommended around programs up to 10 keywords which can be entered manually in the TV’s memory banks.

Some of customization in the last

There’s even a shelf applications where you can put your most used applications favorites /, to save having to keep track of the list of Android applications longer.

In other words, the system offers Discover exactly the type of stain, minimal presentation and easy customization options that Android does not currently television.

All this and have played just yet connected to what is really the heart of the attractive potential of Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA .C functions: image quality.

Inevitably for a large screen, high quality this year Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA has a native 4K resolution. But it also brings latest technology Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA Triluminos for a richer palette of colors more dynamic; Direct LED lighting with local dimming to increase the contrast; and the new Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA video processor.

The X1 supposedly introduces a lot of improvements in image quality, such as improved noise reduction; most accurate reproduction of subtle color achieved examined each individual color individually instead of working only in the color content of an image on a macro level; the most sophisticated automatic management of different types of sources (including different types of sources of 4K); and apparently even more detailed and precise scale sources of 4K Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA has done before.

Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA offers 3D playback also the active system using the full resolution, with two pairs of glasses included free.

And last but not least also, I am sure that the Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA , system support for the new high dynamic range (HDR), after an upgrade scheduled for later this year. HDR, if you are not familiar with it, can offer images that contain a much wider range luminance than the pictures we’ve been seeing on our television for decades.

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Gree Ac Price in Bangladesh

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Gree Ac Price in Bangladesh

Everything that might be familiar with Gree air conditioners, and obviously for good reason. Gree has years of experience and has built a brand in quality ventilation. Offering a wide range of ventilation products, Gree offers central and ductless options and solutions air quality in the home. For the purposes of this review, we will be paying special attention to the central air conditioning units and divisions that are offered by Gree.

Our experience has always been positive with customers and your comments on the central air conditioners Gree. In general, customers are very satisfied with the product, and the real pay-off usually comes in the long term, Gree units be extremely durable! Gree air conditioning units also tend to be extremely energy efficient, with less efficient model running at 16 SEER, with models to reach more than 20 SEER, which is extraordinary.

Gree newer systems have also gone as far as integrating thermostats that can be controlled remotely from a smartphone or a base station cloud control. This means that you will be able to turn off the air conditioning when you leave for work, or when you know that one is home, and schedule it comes on 15 minutes before returning. All this helps keep energy costs while never.

Gree Ac Price in Bangladesh

Gree Ac Price in Bangladesh

sacrificing comfort. Some other brands such as Lennox, also offer similar features, and if you are looking for a central air conditioner, this may be a feature that you want to consider.

When it comes to air conditioners split or ductless, if you have the luxury of Gree air-conditioning to a split, it may be an option to consider. They are quite expensive compared to equivalent models, and have really focused on the central systems instead of internal secretion. In a situation of “bang-for-money” may very likely go for an alternative brand and save yourself some money.

If you are thinking about going with an air conditioning Gree, remember you will have to go through a factory authorized in order to buy your air conditioner and installed dealer.

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Bangladesh Air Cooler

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Bangladesh Air Cooler

Warm weather and high humidity can make your home or office hot, stuffy and uncomfortable. Why not consider an aircooler, fan or air conditioning unit to help you stay cool during the day and sleep more easily at night?

This guide takes you through the various air cooling devices in our range and explains the benefits and key features you
to look for when considering your purchase.

air coolers :

Air coolers are portable units which can easily be moved as required to the house. They work by the use of water,
stored in an internal water tank, a filter that the hot air is drawn in through and then cooled before they are to be delivered back
to the room.

They perform at their best when the air temperature is hot and the humidity is low.

The humidity will affect the height of the air cooler can cool the space. Usually, this will lower the room temperature with 2 to
3 degrees.

Bangladesh Air Cooler

Bangladesh Air Cooler

► What are the benefits of air coolers?

• They are portable
• No installation costs
Air coolers do not require a vent tube so it is not necessary to keep them near an outside window.
• Many have wheels, making them easy to maneuver.

► search Highlights :

• Speed ​​settings – The number of institutions on the air cooler, the higher the settings the more control you will have.
• Tank Size – The size of the water tank in liters, which must be kept filled. The larger the tank, the longer can rotate the air cooler.
• Timer – Gives you control over the amount of time that the device is turned on.
• Remote Control – Many air coolers are supplied with a remote control for ease of use.

conditioners :

Air conditioning Utd conditioning units are used to stabilize the air temperature in the room by extracting hot air from the chamber
and recycling it back as cold air. All of our air conditioners to dissipate heat via a hose that must be disposed of through a window or

► What are the benefits of air coolers?

• Portable air conditioning units can be moved from room to room
• They can reduce the temperature of a room by a few degrees.

► search Highlights :

• Energy – The EU energy label rates products from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient).
• Room size – This specifies the maximum size of the room, the air conditioner can be used efficiently.
• Remote – Some air conditioners are supplied with a handy remote control to adjust the settings.
• Output – Air conditioners are often described in terms of their BTU (British Thermal Unit). It is said that the higher the BTU
the efficiency of the device at the cooling of a room.

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Air Cooler Price in Bangladesh

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Air Cooler Price in Bangladesh

If you currently live or work in a building or preventing Condominum has a window air conditioners or mini split air conditioner drain tube than is exactly what you need. This type of system cooling / heating usually comes with wheels that make it easy to maneuver from one room to the other if necessary.

Air conditioners are not as productive as the other types. Some are in North America where consumers indifferent to the poor performance of the product that they have invested in.

It should never be your main source of heat, especially when you see temperatures down to -10 / 14F are. When it comes to recommending high temperature alarm is not your main unit. Today you can have different models with a capacity of 5000 BTU 60000 BTU to find and come in two types: by evaporation and refrigeration.

type refrigeration :

The refrigeration type may, in a tube which is connected to connect to the back of the device and the other end with the outside world. The technology is the room air to cool the condenser and then reject the outside. Many have argued that it is not efficient because the air needs to be replaced in the room and outside (hot air) or other necessary areas. In short, maintaining a precise temperature control means your air conditioner run for a while.

air cooler price in Bangladesh

air cooler price in Bangladesh

evaporation rate :

An air conditioner evaporator does not come with a compressor or condenser technology behind this is as follows: The water evaporates in the cooling fins when after drawing steam heat and cool the area is released. It is not refrigeration as reliable as the air conditioning, but when it comes to the implementation of energy cost 50-70% less. Tip: Do not use in areas that are too wet.

Pros and cons of a phone before buying your next unit should be aware that there are advantages and disadvantages like most situations. Buying a serious thought to the demands of the air conditioning and planning speacially if it will work for 8-12 months / years of stay in certain states and provinces.


• affordable prices
• Easy installation
• Easy to maneuver
• Allowed in all buildings


• It is not reliable at certain temperatures
• Negative consumer reviews
• Not for supermarkets
• Possibly not efficient (refrigeration)
• The potential for damage to Start / Property

Conclusion :

If you can afford to buy and install a split air conditioner, I suggest that you do it and if not a window air conditioner would not be a bad idea because it is cheaper and performs the expected standards. If you live or work in a very large area and an air conditioner is the only outcome you should consider buying more than one. Keep in mind central air conditioners walk in the value of their property.

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Air conditioners Price in Bangladesh

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Warmer weather is just around the corner. While for many people that means bathing suits and flip-flops, which means more for others. Many people will be looking for a way to cool their homes and get a good night’s sleep.

For most of us, that option is in the form of an air conditioner. They are an item that we tend to take for granted, just until we are without one and remember how important they have become in our lives.
When it comes to choose the air conditioner is right for you, there are plenty of options to consider. Here are some of the most common types of air conditioners to keep in mind:

Air conditioners Price in Bangladesh

Air conditioner :

Many people around the world have flocked to the air-conditioned split. Also it called the ductless air conditioner, which are units that do not require ducts. As such, they are more energy efficient, which helps conserve both energy and money that would otherwise be spent on it. They are easy to install and use, long lasting, and provide benefits such as the ability to create different zones of temperature control inside the house. Be energy efficient can also come with a reduction of the government.

window air conditioner :

While window air conditioners can be easily placed in a window come with many drawbacks. They tend to cool unevenly, often only cool a room in the house, it can produce a lot of noise, and have been an entry point for some thieves looking for an easy way in someone’s home.

portable air conditioner :

The only benefit that people find with portable air conditioners is that it can be moved from room to room. However, many people find they are not as easy to move as it seems like to be. They also provide a restricted area cooling, produce a lot of noise, and can create condensation on windows, as they have outdoor access other systems.

 Central air conditioning:

central air conditioner is one that is sought after by many people as it can cool the entire house at once. But also it comes with disadvantages, including that it is usually the most expensive option to install and maintain, and requires ducts. Because it has ducts for delivering fresh air to be less energy efficient, which means more energy wasted in the ducts as it travels to each room, however, is the use of energy will have to pay for each month.

When comparing air conditioners, it is important to take into account such things as cost, energy efficiency, durability, warranty, and if it suits your needs now and in the future. Many people today are finding that the best option is in the air-conditioned split, providing efficiency and skills that most people want.

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10 Benefits Window Air Conditioner Vs. Portable Air Conditioner

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I’m not sure what kind of air conditioner for your home purchase? If you are looking for, either for window air conditioners vs portable room unity of style, consider your options first.

Before going out and buying an old connected with the perfect price, take a moment to learn the difference between the two. Thus we arrive at an informed decision that is right for your home and your wallet.

Portable air conditioners10 Benefits Window Air Conditioner Vs-horz

A portable air conditioner is a cooling system that approximately one room to another can accommodate. Homeowners and renters can either buy a portable air conditioner for your individual needs. These also work well for office environments. Consider the following advantages and disadvantages of a portable air conditioning unit.

You can cool a specific room

If you have a house with a central air unit or a few large air conditioning units, have your home or office, you understand that units can continuously increase your electricity bill.

Sometimes families go on vacation, to limit in a room of his house to work on a project, or if you are a visitor for the weekend. These are all good reasons to cool off but offered instead a particular room in a house of their larger units of air conditioning. This helps to reduce the cooling of the environment and the cost for cooling. It’s like being able to see the lights in a single room instead of the entire house. More control over your comfort …

Add extra comfort for a single room

Another example is that if you prefer a cooler room compared to others in your household. The cold air to escape as Canned Heat. As children in and out of the house, the rooms of the house are heated faster all day. Many people prefer to sleep at night in a much cooler room.

For example, some people with asthma sleep better in a cool environment. In contrast to other asthma patients sleep in a furnace atmosphere. Then, a central air was at night is not an option. Another person in the household can use a portable air conditioning unit to maintain the desired room temperature.

Consider the BTU you need for a central unit

is not possible for some people, the luxury of having a central air. Even if your landlord does your electricity bill because they can object to tenants can run all day to cool the entire unit. A window unit would British Thermal Units (BTU), which may be a portable unit because of the throw to their size. The BTU is the fundamental measure of thermal energy. The larger the area, the necessary BTU unit.

Easy to install

portable air conditioners are not codes or permits or HVAC needs. Just run a hose 4 for venting hot air space. Incredibly easy to install. You can even move from room to room. Most are very light and the wheels, so it can move each family member.

Also, if you are in an office environment, such as having a server room, you can install kit and install the device through a door or ceiling so that the heat can be vented to the outside. Penetration an external source so small compared with the larger window function air conditioners, which can easily take more than half of a window.

Disadvantages of portable air conditioners

The above are the benefits associated with a portable air conditioner; However, there are a number of disadvantages. These include the need to be disposed of a portable air conditioning unit, the purchase price, and efficiency.

It requires constant drain

Many models of portable air conditioners require constant drainage. If you use a humidifier, pulling excess moisture air. Well, the moisture has to go somewhere. It is subject tank emptied regularly. However, to avoid this attack, only one unit of self-evaporation system. This does not require drainage. However, it will damp the space again. Some houses may water and condensate a job every 30 minutes. With this in mind, it is almost impossible to leave it unattended for a period of time. While some models are not these extra maintenance needed It will cost a little more in advance. Consider what best suits your needs.

The initial purchase price

The price of a handset is also a primary concern. Normally, the law of supply and demand would be that there are more people who want to lower costs portable devices.

However, consumers are willing to spend more on something that offers value. Therefore, consumers do their research to find laptops air conditioning units are a reputable manufacturer. This ensures that your purchase is guaranteed and the services they can trust. Consumers want products Energy Star as well, so this name has a price. The initially more expensive, but the savings can be as high in time.

Most mobile air start around $ 300 and can go up to $ 850. Some models offer the possibility of heating in the winter months, known as a “heat pump” while others have blades that move air when they sense motion that the system better may make its use is the air.


Some believe that portable air conditioners are not as efficient as a window is. This is especially true when comparing the BTU unit.

window air conditioners

An air conditioning window unit is a popular and affordable way of cooling your home. It has for many years, as compared portable units. You can do this in your window, and there are side panels to help better fit for your window. After assessing reasons why a window air conditioner would be right for your home.

It helps to have an organized home

A window air conditioner in his window. It’s out of your living space, thereby reducing clutter. You do not make copies of a chair in his or her children who are too close. Stationary, you do not have to try to remember where the last place.

Cool multiple rooms in your home with central air unit costs

A professional leading window air conditioner obtained similar results when using a central air conditioning unit without the associated costs. u You do not have to worry about installing or updating the pipes do not.

Can cool the house in a short time. You can not get this effect with a portable air conditioning unit. A window unit is powerful enough to cool two or three rooms when direct airflow. An air conditioning unit can also model new window more energy efficient. This helps you to save a considerable amount of money on your energy bill.

To further enhance the capabilities of a window air conditioner, you can use additional fans to help move the cool air around your home.

Highly efficient cooling system

If you’re at home all day and move from room to room, this is a good investment compared to a portable air conditioner. You can keep your kitchen cool office while shuttling between the two chambers when they are on the same level. This is also a good idea if you have pets to keep out the heat. It is more likely a window air conditioner an Energy Star portable air conditioner.

The disadvantages of window air conditioners

As with any purchase, there are always some drawbacks. A window air conditioner drawbacks include noise, which is unattractive and banned in some countries, lost a complex configuration, and use of a window.

annoying noise

Air conditioning units can distort the outside window. The engine is noisy and can rub against the windowsill make noise. The noise can make annoying for those trying to read or sleep.

It is worth noting that a portable unit can be tedious. Once the motor and the compressor starts, the noise now in your home.

They are unattractive and even banned in some areas

For those who live in flats or a homeowners association, you will realize that there are many restrictions. One is the prohibition of air conditioning systems. They are regarded as bulky and unattractive, and hanging out the window. Most HOA want all uniform, will make as they let you drive, you can be sure that all the same.

Another common problem is dripping water. If the window along a common road, can also be prevented.

Loss of the use of a window

You will find it difficult to enjoy your window space as an air conditioning unit installed window. It is removed from your window to use a plant on the windowsill or even pull their curtains down.

Difficult to install on your window

Finally, it will only fit window air conditioners in the windows of standard size. For some, it can be difficult to install the device others. For the most part by one person, but a larger recovery device or strengthening of support needs background.

Window and portable air conditioning units share some of the same benefits

As technology has improved greatly, they also profit contribution with air conditioning units. When deciding between them, you will want to consider which of the following has the best features of the device.

It comes with programmable timers

Portable air conditioning and windows offer programmable thermostats and timers. So you’d temperature or prevent a higher temperature while you are away from home. Then, the program proceeds at a lower temperature as the house efficiency. the use of this option helps to control costs.

multifunctional units

An air conditioning unit these days does more than just cool your home. These units also serve as heaters and dehumidifiers. you can pay a little more, but it makes the cost of buying a separate do and takes up less space.

important questions will help you decide how best

There are two important questions to ask when choosing between having a portable air conditioning or window.

How much space do I have?

Firstly, the amount of space you have? If you do not have much space, a window unit can be good for you. A window unit does not use any floor. It is out of the way of furniture and filing cabinets. Common sizes of window air conditioners are quite 6,000 BTU to 12,000 BTU. The larger the space, the more BTUs you need. Also consider the age and construction of your home. a newer home will more insulation in walls and attics, as opposed to a home for more than 20 years, allowing more heat to escape and fresh air. If the window air conditioners will direct sunlight, but also consider in size.

A good rule of thumb for sizes 18 BTU per thousand.

1000 square feet would require 18,000 BTUs. Therefore, the purchase of two 9000 BTU models.

Where do you want the device?

Are you more worried about cooling your room or office? If so, a portable unit may work great for you. Once you close the doors to these rooms, the air is blocked. No doors to the living room to escape the air, and will be implemented in time or cooler temperatures. This is an inefficient use of energy.

We hope this guide will help you make a decision as a portable or window air conditioner right for your home.

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LG Ac price in bangladesh

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LG Bangladesh, the largest manufacturer of air conditioners, has recently launched a new range of air conditioners with new features like Himalayan monsoon cooling comfort and a unique technology called Mosquito far Technology that keeps away mosquitoes effective user.

This season, LG strive to provide new opportunities for air conditioners to more valuable features, which ultimately increase the overall value for money product offering.

Today, mosquitoes are a serious threat to the health of the family and conventional mosquitoes are not very effective for keep mosquitoes road users and sometimes even harmful to users, with different side effects. and here LG has promised a very effective way to stay comfortable in the summer by a superior cooling air conditioner shape and help to give way to keep mosquitoes, better protection.

This technology was developed after extensive research that different optimal ultrasound identified mosquitoes are not able to understand. This sound wave having a frequency which is not detestably transmitted by the human ear, but mosquitoes stations. And since there are no chemicals that, in this method, so that it is free of the odor as well.

How the technology works off Mosquito :

Turn the power on and turn Mosquito function with dedicated button on the remote. Far from mosquitoes function can work when the power is turned on, even if the air conditioning is not working.

• ultrasonic sound waves are emitted at a frequency which affects the mosquito. Mosquito technology Away mosquito reduces the ability to detect carbon dioxide (CO2), and so on can also detect human presence.
• This process results in mosquitoes get inactive and then disappear or say, just fended started.


Far Mosquito benefit function Diseases

• Completely safe for people and bad for mosquitoes beings, and thus re-transmitted by mosquitoes better protection.
• Totally free of chemicals and thus free of odors.
• The ultrasonic sound waves are safe for humans.
• Since no liquid repellent used in this technology, so frequent charging no fee.
Technology mosquitoes away is certified by accredited testing laboratories and product certification worldwide as llBAT, lntertek and TUV NORD.

Himalaya Cool Technology

Himalayan cooling technology has been developed, taking into account a point to provide cooling consumers as quickly as possible because they are activated in an air conditioner. In a similar manner button mosquitoes at a distance, there is a special cooling Himalaya button. Himalayan cool technology provides direct cooling of the user, with emphasis on cooling the living space by the air flow intelligently and 2 times faster swing vertical air.

How cool Himalayas Technology Works

This technology works by creating a virtual shield air and distributing the cooled air more quickly vertical oscillations.

Air Shield Notes

The air conditioner provides fresh air to the living room by creating a virtual shield of air and the separation of the ceiling and living space. Therefore, the hot air trapped in the ceiling to enter the living space, making efficient cooling.

Faster Notes heave

Air conditioners with Himalayan houses interesting feature powerful and fan speed at a rate of just 2 times faster, making the distribution of fresh air in a faster way to provide instant cooling and maximum comfort for the user. In short, the flow of cold air from the room at high speeds and cooling faster.

Benefits of Himalayan Fresh Technology

• Living room gets 28% faster cooling (compared to other air conditioners Inverter not conventional)

• It saves money on electricity bills by saving up to 26% of electricity consumption. Therefore, greater energy savings.
• My space cooling – cooling the living space quickly for maximum comfort.

Monsoon Comfort Technology

During the rainy season, if not with an air conditioner with the dehumidification mode, runs that will make the room
unpleasantly cold and also consume more power. Here, LG air conditioners have an advantage by providing comfort cooling and energy efficiency, increased use of technology monsoon comfort. This technology helps the appropriate level of temperature and humidity level to provide maximum comfort. A special too much for this function on the remote.

When this function is activated via the remote control, temperature control system at level 7 air conditioner automatically adjusts the temperature in the living room. And controls the temperature in accordance with the ambient temperature, there is no possibility that the temperature is too low. And also, this also helps to save energy up to 36%.

How the technology works monsoon Comfort

Through the use of temperature control matrix incorporated divided, the air conditioner automatically to the room temperature and optimally to adjust the indoor temperature to accordingly while reducing energy consumption. During the monsoon, because the room temperature varies 29-32 ° Celsius, the Monsoon Comfort technology provides a comfortable indoor environment and eliminates the need for manual adjustment.

Compare Monzón benefits and comfort technology with LG air conditioner conventional Humidity

► monsoon Comfort Technology in LG air conditioners

• automatically detect to adjust the ambient temperature, and accordingly to the internal temperature.
• balances the level of the temperature and humidity within automatic optimum comfort and cooling.
• The temperature setting is done automatically, without any human intervention.
• Save up to 36% of energy by reducing the load on the compressor.

► Fashion moisture conventional air conditioners

• after activation, the inside temperature at 25 ° C is corrected automatically, irrespective of the ambient temperature.
• Internal temperature is too low.
• there need for constant manual adjustment of temperature for optimum cooling is maintained.
• consumes more power as a result of manual adjustment constant temperature.

All three of the above properties are available only in the L-series terminator air conditioners LG split time, which also include 4D-cooling function. The air conditioner of this series are available in 2, 3, 5 stars from 1 ton to 1.5 tons and 2, 3-star 2-ton model. And remember, these air conditioners are current 2014 standards as well.

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