Review for Samsung H6400

৳ 135,000


Screen Size        55″

Resolution          Full HD 1920 x 1080

Technology         Direct LED

Response Time    5 ms

Refresh Rate     Clear Motion Rate 480

Contrast            Advanced Contrast Enhancer

Brightness          Wide Color Enhancer

TV Tuner        Analog, Digital

Sound              Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse

Connectivity    HDMI, USB, Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet Connection,

Audio Input-   Digital Audio Output, Audio Out, Headphone Out

Remote                Yes
Other Features   Quick and Easy Internet Access with Wi-F



The monster size dela screen has a metallic finish everywhere, but seen from the front, is an all-black. The bezel is super thin, although it is a matter of perspective – it is actually 13 mm on all four sides, which is not innovative.

Samsung H6400

Samsung H6400

Another illusion is a desktop support L-shaped, which is inserted into the back of the TV, then curves below it. It works well, although there is a small gap between the undercarriage of the UE55JU6400 and  support itself rather wasted what could be a convincing floating appearance.

The desktop stand is hollowed out – there’s really not much to it – but because of the lack of a gap, which is mostly wasted sculpture that is invisible unless hovering over the UE55JU6400.

That desktop stand is also quite long, extending along 76 cm of the bottom (the screen itself is only 124cm). Having said all this, it is an aspect of polished television money, and surprisingly light. Although the screen is small, measuring 52 mm deep, the support increases to 270 mm.



What, no 3D! HD has a TV tuner, but UE55JU6400 is all about 3840×2160 resolution, and in the strict sense of two dimensions. If you want to 4k and smart TV, but is not interested in galas with TV Samsung brand face SUHD ultra (mainly emerging, although technology does not have the essential character Quantum Dot) and the ability to see, that there is still no material HDR file, the series is very well spec’d JU6400.

Arguably as important as anything else is its 4K climber it takes HD, SD and even footage and attempts to expand convincingly for massive 4k pixel grid.

What the UE55JU6400 has the SUHD – Samsung TVs and most other high-end, even without 4k, include – is a totally new 2015 Smart Hub and quad-core processor.

Given the success of Smart Hub Samsung has been in recent years to completely revamp is a brave step. Now that is based on Tizen, a creation of Samsung that could be used soon for their smartphones and tablet operating system, although the choice of applications is still very good.

And of course, the UE55JU6400 comes with features like WiFi, and compatibility with all types of media, digital phones and tablets, NAS drives and networked computers.



Although the platform has changed – is centered around a drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen, rather than in the pages of dedicated graphics – Smart Hub has batteries must have applications.

The likes of YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Instant are all included by default (4k limited contents will be crucial if you want to get the most out of UE55JU6400). Although you have to find and download the rest, the usual suspects are completely non-essential here; of Dailymotion, Vimeo and MUBI for YuppTV, VIEWSTER and iConcerts.

Samsung H6400

Samsung H6400

Oh, and Rightmove is, too, if you need a new home for UE55JU6400. Our review sample in the UK was able to catch up television terrestrial access applications including BBC iPlayer, BBC and BBC, but (temporarily) missing ITV Player, 4oD and Demand Five.

Perhaps as important as third-party applications is typical Samsung Smart View 2.0, when phones and tablets are discharged allowed to carry live TV from Freeview HD tuner and video and image pushes the UE55JU6400.


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