If there is one thing that the Samsung 40 inch LED UN40J5100AFXZA Black is not is shy. So as to have the chutzpah to paste a screen of 75 inches in your living room (or, more likely, home theater) room, which has the balls to surround this gigantic screen with quite a few more inches […]
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Review of Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA .

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Samsung 32 inch Led J4005 001

If there is one thing that the Samsung 40 inch LED UN40J5100AFXZA Black is not is shy.

So as to have the chutzpah to paste a screen of 75 inches in your living room (or, more likely, home theater) room, which has the balls to surround this gigantic screen with quite a few more inches frame speaker support.

Samsung 32 inch Led J4005 001

                            Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA

To be fair, that does none of this unattractive. On the contrary, the magnificent glass finish that is on the screen and the frame looks and feels great bonus – once you have wiped his fingerprints off it – and how six speakers facing the front of the TV seem to be recorded outside the glass is glorious.
Yes, I did say six speakers back there.

For in what is now a trademark of high-end TV Samsung, Samsung LED partners UN40J5100AFXZA their great photos with an equally great sound. Each side of the screen has two main drivers and a tweeter treble, with the main speakers technology magnetic fluid both enjoy Samsung 40-inch LED UN40J5100AFXZA Black ‘s to offer a richer sound, bigger without the kind of physical space normally required for a powerful speaker.

Bulk excuse

Even with the rear magnetic fluid technology Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA protrudes more than most, giving the set a side profile distinctive wedge-shaped.

But personally, I have no problems with this at all if it leads to excellent sound quality. And I’m pretty sure that will result in a brighter sound as the Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA is the first TV is considered good enough to play audio files high resolution.

Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA connections are up to date with reflections four HDMI, Wi-Fi and LAN and USB ports for media playback or recording TV tuners Freeview and Freesat’s network of USB flash drives.

network connections support streaming from networked computers, tablets and smart, with Bluetooth and NFC phones also available for a more direct connection.

I need time to introduce Android TV.

The 75X9405C is the first TV I tried that bears the fruit of the latest attempt by Google to cross into the world of television after a couple of previous attempts failed, as it is seated in the YouViewSamsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA functionality next integrated and discover the system Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA itself.

Or at least it will sit next YouView when the last service later via a firmware update this year is added.

google box

Press the Home key on any remote controls the Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA (you get a ‘OneFlick’ aerodynamic phone with an integrated touch pad with a standard question effort) and take you directly to the new Android screen.

This appears as a series of horizontal shelves, the top recommended content, applications highlighted below links to all entries television below that, and then a shelf applications in general. This holds all applications downloaded to the TV as well as the Google application store where you can hunt and download more applications than the built-in 16 GB storage TV application.

Android fans should be aware that Google TV’s Android store does not have all the applications you can get for their tablets and smartphones. What it is actually a good thing considering how inadequate many apps and games are normal to the use of television.

Google has introduced a filtering system that only allows applications to televisions that meet the criteria necessary control and design.

Do not worry, though; even after this filtering process more applications you get with other platforms Smart TV, and the number will inevitably increase given the amount of application development constantly happening in the Android universe

Less is more?

I did not need to think, however, that there are pros and cons of these unlimited potential applications.

For while a few large applications may also appear, it will also likely be a lot of dross to saturate the place. In addition, the relatively passive and, above all, the communal nature of TV vs smartphones and tablets both seem to sit in opposition to the idea of ​​trawling through hundreds of applications to find the rare gem.

And does anyone really want to do anything on TV that television and movies?
So is there really any need for many applications beyond the portals that offer different types of television content for children like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon and so on?

To be fair the quality of some of the applications that are not streaming – especially games – is impressive.

Light years away from the kind of things that we got when Smart TV first appeared. But I constantly felt like their personal smart devices are a much more natural way to much of what Android TV offers TV at home. Especially because at the moment, at least, the Android interface is compatible with any home screens to customize various manuals or different users.

YouView saves the day

It is also just as well that Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA is bringing YouView to the party because strangely Android TV currently offers no BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD or ask Five catch up TV applications.

I could not try on your TV Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA YouView home yet, but surely to offer the same key features observed with independent Youview devices.

Which means you can access catch up TV services by a number of DTT channels at the same time be able to find shows that can be lost through YouView inspired back EPG ‘which can move back and forth through TV listings.
While Android TV, which extracts holders Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA smart TV, I’m actually more of a fan of the very intelligent interface Discover the Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA .

again accessed via dedicated buttons remote control, the Discover interface comprises a number of superimposed layers appear slowly along the bottom edge of the image (compared to Android approach, which takes its progress through the screen) . Each layer moves downward introduces shortcuts to different types of content, whether digital TV tuners is recommended, YouTube videos, favorite channel custom lists, or fairs television recommended around programs up to 10 keywords which can be entered manually in the TV’s memory banks.

Some of customization in the last

There’s even a shelf applications where you can put your most used applications favorites /, to save having to keep track of the list of Android applications longer.

In other words, the system offers Discover exactly the type of stain, minimal presentation and easy customization options that Android does not currently television.

All this and have played just yet connected to what is really the heart of the attractive potential of Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA .C functions: image quality.

Inevitably for a large screen, high quality this year Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA has a native 4K resolution. But it also brings latest technology Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA Triluminos for a richer palette of colors more dynamic; Direct LED lighting with local dimming to increase the contrast; and the new Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA video processor.

The X1 supposedly introduces a lot of improvements in image quality, such as improved noise reduction; most accurate reproduction of subtle color achieved examined each individual color individually instead of working only in the color content of an image on a macro level; the most sophisticated automatic management of different types of sources (including different types of sources of 4K); and apparently even more detailed and precise scale sources of 4K Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA has done before.

Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA offers 3D playback also the active system using the full resolution, with two pairs of glasses included free.

And last but not least also, I am sure that the Samsung LED UN40J5100AFXZA , system support for the new high dynamic range (HDR), after an upgrade scheduled for later this year. HDR, if you are not familiar with it, can offer images that contain a much wider range luminance than the pictures we’ve been seeing on our television for decades.

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