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Bangladesh Air Cooler

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Bangladesh Air Cooler

Warm weather and high humidity can make your home or office hot, stuffy and uncomfortable. Why not consider an aircooler, fan or air conditioning unit to help you stay cool during the day and sleep more easily at night?

This guide takes you through the various air cooling devices in our range and explains the benefits and key features you
to look for when considering your purchase.

air coolers :

Air coolers are portable units which can easily be moved as required to the house. They work by the use of water,
stored in an internal water tank, a filter that the hot air is drawn in through and then cooled before they are to be delivered back
to the room.

They perform at their best when the air temperature is hot and the humidity is low.

The humidity will affect the height of the air cooler can cool the space. Usually, this will lower the room temperature with 2 to
3 degrees.

Bangladesh Air Cooler

Bangladesh Air Cooler

► What are the benefits of air coolers?

• They are portable
• No installation costs
Air coolers do not require a vent tube so it is not necessary to keep them near an outside window.
• Many have wheels, making them easy to maneuver.

► search Highlights :

• Speed ​​settings – The number of institutions on the air cooler, the higher the settings the more control you will have.
• Tank Size – The size of the water tank in liters, which must be kept filled. The larger the tank, the longer can rotate the air cooler.
• Timer – Gives you control over the amount of time that the device is turned on.
• Remote Control – Many air coolers are supplied with a remote control for ease of use.

conditioners :

Air conditioning Utd conditioning units are used to stabilize the air temperature in the room by extracting hot air from the chamber
and recycling it back as cold air. All of our air conditioners to dissipate heat via a hose that must be disposed of through a window or

► What are the benefits of air coolers?

• Portable air conditioning units can be moved from room to room
• They can reduce the temperature of a room by a few degrees.

► search Highlights :

• Energy – The EU energy label rates products from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient).
• Room size – This specifies the maximum size of the room, the air conditioner can be used efficiently.
• Remote – Some air conditioners are supplied with a handy remote control to adjust the settings.
• Output – Air conditioners are often described in terms of their BTU (British Thermal Unit). It is said that the higher the BTU
the efficiency of the device at the cooling of a room.

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10 Benefits Window Air Conditioner Vs. Portable Air Conditioner

| AC Mart & Online, AC Price, Air Conditioner, Camera Price, Camera Price BD Dhaka, Magazine | March 16, 2016

I’m not sure what kind of air conditioner for your home purchase? If you are looking for, either for window air conditioners vs portable room unity of style, consider your options first.

Before going out and buying an old connected with the perfect price, take a moment to learn the difference between the two. Thus we arrive at an informed decision that is right for your home and your wallet.

Portable air conditioners10 Benefits Window Air Conditioner Vs-horz

A portable air conditioner is a cooling system that approximately one room to another can accommodate. Homeowners and renters can either buy a portable air conditioner for your individual needs. These also work well for office environments. Consider the following advantages and disadvantages of a portable air conditioning unit.

You can cool a specific room

If you have a house with a central air unit or a few large air conditioning units, have your home or office, you understand that units can continuously increase your electricity bill.

Sometimes families go on vacation, to limit in a room of his house to work on a project, or if you are a visitor for the weekend. These are all good reasons to cool off but offered instead a particular room in a house of their larger units of air conditioning. This helps to reduce the cooling of the environment and the cost for cooling. It’s like being able to see the lights in a single room instead of the entire house. More control over your comfort …

Add extra comfort for a single room

Another example is that if you prefer a cooler room compared to others in your household. The cold air to escape as Canned Heat. As children in and out of the house, the rooms of the house are heated faster all day. Many people prefer to sleep at night in a much cooler room.

For example, some people with asthma sleep better in a cool environment. In contrast to other asthma patients sleep in a furnace atmosphere. Then, a central air was at night is not an option. Another person in the household can use a portable air conditioning unit to maintain the desired room temperature.

Consider the BTU you need for a central unit

is not possible for some people, the luxury of having a central air. Even if your landlord does your electricity bill because they can object to tenants can run all day to cool the entire unit. A window unit would British Thermal Units (BTU), which may be a portable unit because of the throw to their size. The BTU is the fundamental measure of thermal energy. The larger the area, the necessary BTU unit.

Easy to install

portable air conditioners are not codes or permits or HVAC needs. Just run a hose 4 for venting hot air space. Incredibly easy to install. You can even move from room to room. Most are very light and the wheels, so it can move each family member.

Also, if you are in an office environment, such as having a server room, you can install kit and install the device through a door or ceiling so that the heat can be vented to the outside. Penetration an external source so small compared with the larger window function air conditioners, which can easily take more than half of a window.

Disadvantages of portable air conditioners

The above are the benefits associated with a portable air conditioner; However, there are a number of disadvantages. These include the need to be disposed of a portable air conditioning unit, the purchase price, and efficiency.

It requires constant drain

Many models of portable air conditioners require constant drainage. If you use a humidifier, pulling excess moisture air. Well, the moisture has to go somewhere. It is subject tank emptied regularly. However, to avoid this attack, only one unit of self-evaporation system. This does not require drainage. However, it will damp the space again. Some houses may water and condensate a job every 30 minutes. With this in mind, it is almost impossible to leave it unattended for a period of time. While some models are not these extra maintenance needed It will cost a little more in advance. Consider what best suits your needs.

The initial purchase price

The price of a handset is also a primary concern. Normally, the law of supply and demand would be that there are more people who want to lower costs portable devices.

However, consumers are willing to spend more on something that offers value. Therefore, consumers do their research to find laptops air conditioning units are a reputable manufacturer. This ensures that your purchase is guaranteed and the services they can trust. Consumers want products Energy Star as well, so this name has a price. The initially more expensive, but the savings can be as high in time.

Most mobile air start around $ 300 and can go up to $ 850. Some models offer the possibility of heating in the winter months, known as a “heat pump” while others have blades that move air when they sense motion that the system better may make its use is the air.


Some believe that portable air conditioners are not as efficient as a window is. This is especially true when comparing the BTU unit.

window air conditioners

An air conditioning window unit is a popular and affordable way of cooling your home. It has for many years, as compared portable units. You can do this in your window, and there are side panels to help better fit for your window. After assessing reasons why a window air conditioner would be right for your home.

It helps to have an organized home

A window air conditioner in his window. It’s out of your living space, thereby reducing clutter. You do not make copies of a chair in his or her children who are too close. Stationary, you do not have to try to remember where the last place.

Cool multiple rooms in your home with central air unit costs

A professional leading window air conditioner obtained similar results when using a central air conditioning unit without the associated costs. u You do not have to worry about installing or updating the pipes do not.

Can cool the house in a short time. You can not get this effect with a portable air conditioning unit. A window unit is powerful enough to cool two or three rooms when direct airflow. An air conditioning unit can also model new window more energy efficient. This helps you to save a considerable amount of money on your energy bill.

To further enhance the capabilities of a window air conditioner, you can use additional fans to help move the cool air around your home.

Highly efficient cooling system

If you’re at home all day and move from room to room, this is a good investment compared to a portable air conditioner. You can keep your kitchen cool office while shuttling between the two chambers when they are on the same level. This is also a good idea if you have pets to keep out the heat. It is more likely a window air conditioner an Energy Star portable air conditioner.

The disadvantages of window air conditioners

As with any purchase, there are always some drawbacks. A window air conditioner drawbacks include noise, which is unattractive and banned in some countries, lost a complex configuration, and use of a window.

annoying noise

Air conditioning units can distort the outside window. The engine is noisy and can rub against the windowsill make noise. The noise can make annoying for those trying to read or sleep.

It is worth noting that a portable unit can be tedious. Once the motor and the compressor starts, the noise now in your home.

They are unattractive and even banned in some areas

For those who live in flats or a homeowners association, you will realize that there are many restrictions. One is the prohibition of air conditioning systems. They are regarded as bulky and unattractive, and hanging out the window. Most HOA want all uniform, will make as they let you drive, you can be sure that all the same.

Another common problem is dripping water. If the window along a common road, can also be prevented.

Loss of the use of a window

You will find it difficult to enjoy your window space as an air conditioning unit installed window. It is removed from your window to use a plant on the windowsill or even pull their curtains down.

Difficult to install on your window

Finally, it will only fit window air conditioners in the windows of standard size. For some, it can be difficult to install the device others. For the most part by one person, but a larger recovery device or strengthening of support needs background.

Window and portable air conditioning units share some of the same benefits

As technology has improved greatly, they also profit contribution with air conditioning units. When deciding between them, you will want to consider which of the following has the best features of the device.

It comes with programmable timers

Portable air conditioning and windows offer programmable thermostats and timers. So you’d temperature or prevent a higher temperature while you are away from home. Then, the program proceeds at a lower temperature as the house efficiency. the use of this option helps to control costs.

multifunctional units

An air conditioning unit these days does more than just cool your home. These units also serve as heaters and dehumidifiers. you can pay a little more, but it makes the cost of buying a separate do and takes up less space.

important questions will help you decide how best

There are two important questions to ask when choosing between having a portable air conditioning or window.

How much space do I have?

Firstly, the amount of space you have? If you do not have much space, a window unit can be good for you. A window unit does not use any floor. It is out of the way of furniture and filing cabinets. Common sizes of window air conditioners are quite 6,000 BTU to 12,000 BTU. The larger the space, the more BTUs you need. Also consider the age and construction of your home. a newer home will more insulation in walls and attics, as opposed to a home for more than 20 years, allowing more heat to escape and fresh air. If the window air conditioners will direct sunlight, but also consider in size.

A good rule of thumb for sizes 18 BTU per thousand.

1000 square feet would require 18,000 BTUs. Therefore, the purchase of two 9000 BTU models.

Where do you want the device?

Are you more worried about cooling your room or office? If so, a portable unit may work great for you. Once you close the doors to these rooms, the air is blocked. No doors to the living room to escape the air, and will be implemented in time or cooler temperatures. This is an inefficient use of energy.

We hope this guide will help you make a decision as a portable or window air conditioner right for your home.

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