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Review of Samsung FH4003.

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Samsung FH4003

our verdict

There are some small TVs as smart as this, with the intuitive combination of my screen, and leisure and list all capture applications UK television. However, the lack of power makes Idleness is not fun to browse, while the screen only mediocre contrast and some motion blur.


Samsung FH4003

                                                                 Samsung FH4003

Introduction and features

Until late last year moth-balling of technology, The Samsung FH4003 was the king of plasma. Its large screen televisions were better than anyone – see comments only proof that – but sales were presumably poor.

In 2016 he now does not compete with the quality of the image (The Samsung FH4003 average of 32 inches is simply judged by images of the screen), but with applications and ease of use.

The Samsung FH4003 can be a LCD TV with LED background light half of the road, but has something unique: Free time.
A new-in-the-stage match for YouView, Free Time is an independent interface, but well integrated, the user provides a TV guide that can be scanned by both forward and backward, unlocking the low demand for range of Catch up TV applications.

For users in the UK this means easy and quick access to applications such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Demand Five and 4oD (as well as BBC and BBC).

Picture quality:-

Without any 3D attempt, I played a Blu-ray disc 12 years a slave to see how The Samsung FH4003 faced a superior film drainage. Play My initially within the page of the home screen, but pushed to full-screen mode, The Samsung FH4003 offers amazing colors of the box.

Scenes outside the plantation are initially dazzling, richly nuanced colors come with a lot of saturation accompanied by a natural skin tones. There is enough detail for the Full HD panel worthwhile, although the sharpness is not particularly strong point, The Samsung FH4003 .

This is all from within theater setup, which is a good starting point, but need some adjustments, including reducing the power of the backlight. Happily, The Samsung FH4003 is very flexible, offering a color management system and even options to change both gamma and white balance.

However, no amount of fiddling can bring The Samsung FH4003 -up specifications in terms of contrast, which is one of the main problems of this TV. While the exterior shots 12 years a slave Impress, dirtiest scenes inside, like when Solomon is thrown in a cell after being captured, are not convincing and contain few details. While Solomon glows softly in these dark environments, which is hardly visible, and when he is, the image does not look as natural.

The joint use of ambient light sensor tends to make matters worse, attenuating the panel, although they are useful in a bright room during the day, when some luster dims. Caution should be exercised if then you can turn on the main menu.

Although black levels and contrast to be weak, the viewing angle of The Samsung FH4003 is pretty good with the image that is clearly revealed when viewed from the sides. While some LED panels struggle with consistency and have areas with patches of light in the corners and along the sides, which is not true of The Samsung FH4003 .
The ambient light sensor should be used with caution
Another weakness is slight movement. Unfortunately, The Samsung FH4003 not have a panel of 100 Hz IPS natively, but is blessed with only one set of flashing lights 100Hz-like. It is an algorithm, not a feature – and it does not work very well. It really is not a problem with high-definition channels TDT, but for 12 Years a Slave I noticed some loss of resolution, both when the actors moved through a shot and during the movement of the camera, but at least there is little vibration excessive in The Samsung FH4003 in the pans.

While HD DTT channels are the best source of demand there, considering the pros and cons of the screen The Samsung FH4003 , standard definition channels good resolution is increased. Soft they are, but they are very clean and easy to see. The same applies to digital video files of all kinds of quality, which are stable and fluid, although MKV files to HD resolutions obviously look better.


Sale for about £ 400 at the time of writing, The Samsung FH4003 is a mid-range with LED backlight and LCD TV. Although clearly has some build quality low-end (which is so, so light – only 6 kg), is an image; a strip of ordered along the bottom measuring 18 mm metal lends some type to a black shiny appearance of another ordinary frame mode.

In just 5 mm at the top and sides, there is a minimalist look to The Samsung FH4003 . and better, because the Samsung FH4003 is rather chubby chassis depth of 59 mm (measured 733x505x184 mm, with attached desktop stand).

Elsewhere, The Samsung FH4003 offers a full HD resolution IPS panel and 100Hz processing. In the rear is an impressive trio of HDMI inputs (one of them with capacity for ARC), an RGB SCART, a set of composite video inputs and an Ethernet LAN slot (though tThe Samsung FH4003 also has Wi-Fi) .

There is also a copy of an RF antenna input to search channels TDT HD optical digital audio output to route all sound system home theater (and away from their own place of weeds down stereo speakers 10 watts), and a set of left right phones.

A side panel adds immediately next to a slot for headphones (very good distance toward the bottom so it easily accessible), along with a common interface slot and a pair of USB ports. The latest power connections TX-media player SThe Samsung FH4003 , software but also includes media server software to fetch phones digital music and videos from a Windows PC using a DLNA network.
You can surf the web on Samsung FH4003 via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable

More important for most users are my home screen and choosing The Samsung FH4003 applications. The first, for the first time in high-end Panasonic TVs last year, put shortcuts to various functions of television around a big screen TV live. These shortcuts include markers for integrated into The Samsung FH4003 , software applications and links to the TV Media Player web browser.

There is also a display of recreational dedicated complements an image of live TV with shortcuts contained in the application related, a TV guide, a search function and an area showcase recommendations (based on what you see although still I was not living at the time of this review).

Besides having the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Demand Five and applications 4oD wrapped in time, The Samsung FH4003 also has a lot of applications. Accessed through my home screen, the application iPlayer BBC again present, as both the BBC and the BBC.

There are a variety of applications, with Netflix as the star of the series
However, the real star turn is Netflix, which is provided with YouTube, Wuaki.tv, MeteoNews TV, Eurosport Player, CNBC Real-Time, Skype, Euronews, Facebook, Twitter and AccuWeather.com. A dozen more minority applications are available for free download from the Apps Market Panasonic.

also available

The Samsung FH4003 is the smallest member of the AS600 series of LED TVs, the others are 39-inch Samsung FH4003, 42-inch Samsung FH4003 and 50-inch The Samsung FH4003 .

One step below theThe Samsung FH4003 is the brand 32-inch The Samsung FH4003 and 32-inchThe Samsung FH4003 , who have no free time, my home screen or high definition resolution.

However, The Samsung FH4003 What applications including Netflix and the BBC in its VieraCast interface looks quite outdated now.

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