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Window AC Price in Bangladesh

| Magazine | March 22, 2016

Window AC Price in Bangladesh1

If the cold and rainy days, the thought of the hot summer days and humid nights come into our head off. After record winter we had to think of all of us to embrace the warm weather, but all will be quick conversations with air conditioners.

We all try and slow down the process of buying an air conditioner, but it would be smart to get ahead of the curve. Most companies will be enough to have a long life by the first heat wave.

Air conditioners usually low in the mid / late June, but no availability due to a cool spring. air conditioner factories, ironically, predict and produce in the winter and no addition in the summer.

Even in a prolonged heat wave, the factories should not produce more units. On a hot summer, there is always a shortage, so consider buying a company when needed.

We will compare our two best sellers, Frigidaire and Friedrich. Most manufacturers such as Carrier, Amana, Sharp and Panasonic have gone out of business window air conditioner.
The best room air conditioners

Window AC Price in Bangladesh

Window AC Price in Bangladesh

(Update 2015)

Frigidaire began as one of the leading manufacturers of household electric refrigerators. They were bought by Electrolux in 1986 and became part of one of the largest equipment manufacturers in the world. They are known for some of the best and most reliable equipment value in the industry.

Friedrich began as a manufacturer of refrigeration in 1883 and was in 1950 one of the largest commercial refrigeration companies in the world. She started selling window air conditioner in 1952, and are now known as a leader in both the residential and commercial air conditioning.

Choosing a bedroom with air conditioning


An important factor in choosing an air conditioner factor is to consider the energy efficiency index. Efficiency room air conditioner is measured by the Energy Efficiency Index.

The TER is the ratio of the cooling capacity (in British thermal units [Btu] per hour) to the input power (in watts). The best units are usually the highest TCE.

Air conditioning is more or less based on the square footage of the room.

The following factors can affect the size …

Sunny position, high ceilings, appliances (which can generate heat), people (500 BTU per person), (heat rises) 3rd floor, windows … all of these factors should increase the size of your air conditioner.

We should also remember that you do not cool the room. Throw in a 10,000 BTU in a small room actually freezes the unit and not allow the CA to dehumidify.

That said, your bedroom is usually the best room for you at night, the coolest time of the day. Most air conditioners are sold 5000-6000 BTU.

Comparing bedroom air conditioners

Frigidaire provides small units (5000-8000) BTU standard configurations and windows that open (slider), most are Energy Star rated. These models 150 rooms are cooled to 350 square feet. Refrigerator proven reliable, to be relatively quiet and have some interesting, such as programmable timers and control functions even at a distance.

Friedrich has two different units smaller windows, the CP (Chill) and the series of Kuhl. PC models are closest to the Frigidaire models are Energy Star rated and a bit more expensive. Some efficiency advantages increase quieter operation.

The Kuhl series are slightly more expensive, will be quieter and more efficient and can even be customized with faceplates in different colors, with the standard silver. Some can even be controlled by your smartphone with a Wi-Fi adapter.

Friedrich is currently offering a $ 25 mail-in rebate, as applied online is a $ 30 discount.

Frigidaire no discounts available.

The Frigidaire are a good value, efficient and reliable, good for every area of ​​a kitchen, living room or bedroom. Friedrich is a little quieter and has more technical products Kuhl series. Each of these brands will be a good choice.

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