SONY 49X8000D 4K TV

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SONY 49X8000D 4K TV Overview

Sony’s line of 2016 4K HDR TVs has turned out to be quite extensive and varied in its prices and qualities. After first releasing their initial series of high-priced (but not exorbitantly expensive) models, which all featured high dynamic range, wide color gamut and a fresh new design, the company then further surprised tech watchers and consumers with their more economical but still HDR – capable mid 2016 releases of the X800D, X750D and X700D 4K models, which came out in a more limited range of sizes but at considerably more budget-oriented prices.

The X800D comes with 4K content access through all the best apps like Netflix, Amazon Prie and Ultraflix while also offering special Sony TV-only 4K content offerings through the new Sony “Ultra” 4K content app which is only available to the company’s 2016 HDR TVs for now. As a final bonus of its Android TV smart platform, the X800D is fully Google Cast compatible, meaning that it lets you stream content from all compatible Android or iOS devices without special hardware. We should also note that Google Cast will soon be coming out with 4K content functionality and this will only serve to benefit owners of the X800D and other Sony 4K TVs even more.